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Like most people, you probably check your incoming SMS messages on your phone many times a day — taking interest in some and deleting others. As a member of OfferDey.com, you’ll only receive SMS with special offers you’re likely to be interested in. It’s a fun and easy way to get great deals on products and services. Plus, you’ll get paid to read SMS Messages!

We’ll use your information to only send you emails with special offers that you’re likely to be interested in. Just click on the confirmation link to verify that you’ve read the email and your account will be instantly credited. It’s that easy.

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Despite some doom and gloom predictions for brands in general (too expensive, too much media saturation), branded goods remain as hot as ever.

All our products are well known brands and unused.

Cash on Delivery

Uncomfy about online transactions? Pay cold cash at your doorstep.

Collect on delivery (COD) is a financial transaction where the payment of products and/or services received is done at the time of actual delivery rather than paid-for in advance. The term is mainly applied to consumer products purchased from a third party, where payment is made to or collected by the deliverer from the recipient rather than the sender, in the way that a collect call is also charged to the recipient instead of the caller.

Dedicated Customer Care

We want our customers to experience a level of service and support that will spread the word that we’re great people to engage with.  We will rapidly resolve support requests and also help our customers to take full advantage of our technology.

Sign up today and get N250.00 automatically credited to your offerdey account!